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Dallas Caramel Company Caramels

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Handmade and delivered Dec 7 with an 8 week shelf life.

Our creamy soft caramels are handmade bites of happiness. Made with quality, all natural ingredients like real butter, cream, bacon, fruits and spices, our caramels are the perfect gift for the ones you love…or a treat for yourself. Either way, enjoy a bag of caramel today!

Our caramels are dentist approved and don't stick to teeth, braces, or dental work.

*1/4 LB = 7-8 PIECES, 1/2 LB = 15-16 PIECES*

ORIGINAL CARAMEL: The classic caramel candy like you’ve never tasted before! Our original caramels are the smoothest candy you’ll taste, with notes of vanilla that bring together the rich flavors as the caramel melts in your mouth. Certainly not just for caramel purists, our original flavor is what got the Dallas Caramel Company started and is definitely worth tasting!

SEA SALT CARAMEL: A favorite among Dallas Caramel Company fans, our sea salt caramel offers deceptively deep flavors. Perfectly smooth and just the right amount of sea salt, the caramels appeal to both the savory and sweet snack lover. Our secret? We use the “caviar of salt,” Fleur de Sel de Guerande, hand-harvested by scraping the very best from the salt pan and then naturally baked in the sun. It’s a minor touch, but one taste will have you believing the difference. *Gluten free*

TEXAS DRUNKEN NUT: No need to check the clock with these little morsels: the Texas Drunken Nut can be enjoyed as much at 5 AM as 5 PM. Inspired by the bounty of Texas and its whiskey-loving history, the Texas Drunken Nut blends together fresh pecans picked from west Texas with the bite of Texas-blended Whiskey. We get our whiskey from Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co.© in Fort Worth, injecting the spirit(s) of Texas into each bite of our caramel. The crunch of the pecans and the crisp flavor of the whiskey pair perfectly. Cheers! *Gluten free, contains alcohol*

MARSHMALLOW CARAMEL: This marshmallow caramel yumminess will put a smile on your face. Creamy, dreamy caramel with a generous swirl of marshmallow layered in.  It’s the perfect treat for lunch boxes, candy bowls and days that just need to be made a little better. *Gluten free*

ESPRESSO CARAMEL: Espresso lovers rejoice! We paired our sweet, smooth caramel with the bold and deep complexity of coffee. Pop one of these espresso caramel squares in your mouth in the morning and you’ll swear that someone had started brewing a fresh pot of joe. The creaminess of the caramel softens the rich coffee flavor. Perfect for when you need a quick coffee fix between your morning cup and your afternoon refill. *Gluten free*

CINNAMON CARAMEL: Make no mistake about it: when we say this is cinnamon caramel, we really mean it—cinnamon is used throughout the entire caramel process. Cinnamon is mixed with the sugar to start, then we soak cinnamon sticks in the heavy cream. The final result is a caramel rich with the smooth but spicy bite of cinnamon and the sweet, creamy richness of our caramel.

CHOCOLATE CARAMEL: You no longer have to choose caramel over chocolate. You can have both all in one delicious bite. Our chocolate caramel is soft and creamy and a little fudge-like all at the same time. It’s been said these morsels might even bring about world peace, or a satisfying sigh at the very least.

APPLE PIE CARAMELIt’s as American as…well, you know. The bold apple flavor of our creamy caramel is enhanced by cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg. Like a perfect slice of pie, all wrapped up and ready to go wherever your next picnic, party or even your afternoon snack. Our apple pie caramel says fall is here – any time of year! 

SIGNATURE MIX: Well, we finally decided to put our most popular 4 flavors together in one bag for your snacking pleasure. Introducing the SIGNATURE MIX! It's filled with Sea Salt, Original, Tx Drunken Nut and Chocolate, of course all lovingly made by hand with fresh cream, real butter and the natural ingredients you’ve come to know and love from Dallas Caramel Company.

SUGAR COOKIE: Sugar Cookie is buttery with hints of vanilla topped with Christmas sprinkles and crunchy red & green sugar. 

CARAMEL PRETZELS: Dipped in our Sea Salt caramel, then dipped in semi-sweet dark or white chocolate and striped with chocolate

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