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Diaper Dawgs Spray Collar and Gusset Pad Bundle

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Cloth diapers don’t have to be a chore – spend those extra minutes sleeping rather than scrubbing poop off your walls!

Other diaper sprayers agitate toilet water containing INTESTINAL BACTERIA like Shigellosis, staphylococcus, salmonella, klebsiella, and e.coli – that same sprayer agitation also makes toilet bacteria airborne…it’s the light “mist” you feel while spraying. This biohazardous vapor rises out of open-ended shields and lands back on your doorknobs, faucets, toothbrush, and onto your baby.

It’s referred to as the “aerosol” effect and has been verified by multiple microbiology studies and even popularized by shows like “Mythbusters” and “Curiosity” with Mike Rowe. Every time a toilet is flushed or pulverized with a diaper sprayer, it releases an aerosol spray of tiny, tainted water droplets or aerosolized fecal coliform bacteria.

The Spray Collar shield wraps around your high-powered sprayer, not your cloth diaper. It becomes a self-washing funnel that allows you to target the affected area, stop the sprayer, then gently drain the contaminated water away into the toilet bowl without encouraging airborne germs.

Never fuss about bathroom space again with our patented shield that fits in the palm of your hand and folds down – no need to assemble it or even lift the toilet seat up to use it.

Choosing the right type of cloth diapers was frustrating enough, choosing the right diaper sprayer shield shouldn’t have to be. Try everyone else out, then see why others call us “seriously amazing!”

Diaper Dawgs is making cloth diapering more sanitary with less hassle. Will you join us?

IMPORTANT: The Spray Collar IS NATIVELY COMPATIBLE WITH (but not created or sold by) Spray Pal, Easy Giggles, BumGenius, OsoCozy, Bumkins, Knickernappies, Amp, Blueberry FLO, BabyMojos, and Fuzzibunz diaper sprayers/bidets brands.

SUPER IMPORTANT: The Spray Collar is NOW COMPATIBLE THRU AN ADAPTER with (but not created or sold by) DIY diaper sprayers, qdSpray, Purrfect Zone, Modona/Bumworks/Alvababy, SmarterFresh, Kleppo, Soosi, Vova, Easy Giggles, and more.

There are many brands using the same model of sprayers, so it's been hard to keep up with the silly names.

However, with our new adapter, we are 100% certain the Sprayer Collar will fit all models that aren't a normal and heavy showerhead, square-shaped, or the Aquaus 360 sprayer created for the precision cleaning of buttholes 😂

Please make sure you get the correct kit so we may cut down on plastic waste.

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