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Fat Brain Squigz

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Squigz are fun little suckers!

Apply pressure to two Squigz. Air rushes out and the fun rushes in!

Connecting to each other and to any solid, non-porous surface - Squigz are a species all their own. They flex. They stick. They suck people into creativity.

Once they take hold, it takes some pull to separate them. When Squigz POP! in protest - you’ll have to admit… your hands and ears are shamelessly delighted!

They are flexible fellows and committed joiners. Squigz and fellow Squigz have one chief enterprise - creating things. Willingly, they assemble to become rockets, vehicles, a cushion for the cat, jewelry… they thrill in uniting as a ginormous octopus or squid.

Squigz are scientific sorts - always up for playful experimentation and defying gravity - sticking to bathtubs, windows, school lockers, tabletops, and office desktops. (And they are mannerly guests too - never leaving a trace of their presence.)

Playful curiosity. It's a whole new gig - thanks to Squigz.

  • Starter Set = 24 Pieces
  • A lively toy innovation - new Suction Construction!
  • Encourages creativity, fine motor skills, interaction, playful experimentation
  • Provides relaxation and sensory stimulation
  • Pieces connect easily and POP! apart
  • Gratifying fun for bathtub, walls, windows, school lockers, tabletops, desktops
  • Flexible, pleasantly pliable
  • Generously-sized components
  • Eight different, versatile shapes
  • High quality silicone rubber
  • Leaves no residue or marks on surfaces
  • Enjoyment for a wide range of ages
  • Made of 100% silicone (BPA-free, latex-free)

    Squigz Starter Set includes: 2 Orange Pips, 8 Blue Doodles, 4 Green Grippities, 4 Purple Yoinks, 2 Yellow Skooches, 2 Red Gobnobs, 1 Dark Blue Wonkity, 1 White Zorbit

    Best Toys for Kids Award Winner - ASTRA
    Parents' Choice Approved Award
    Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Rebecca P.
    Squigz are a hit

    I ordered Squigz for our three-year-old with Down Syndrome after I saw how much she enjoyed playing with them during Occupational Therapy. She enjoys sticking them to our back doors with glass, the wood floor and table. It helps her build her muscles, hand-eye coordination, work on problem solving skills and just have fun with her sister. Her sister is ten years old and loves to play with them as well. I love how easy they are to wipe clean and the storage container they are packaged in work well for us.

    Great for the bath

    These are the only way I can get my two year old to take bath. She loves them and will play with them in the tub for hours if I let.

    Amy Jones
    Fun and Versatile!

    These can be used by any age, and are great for regular playtime or even bath time play! I love helping my girls build stuff with them! We also like to throw them at the wall and see whose sticks first! Lol!

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