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*NEW* Tonies - Potty Training

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Follow along on this exciting adventure all about making potty training fun and educational for kids! Along the way, listeners will hear cool facts, catchy songs and a story about two kids named Jamie and Juniper who learn how to go potty. Get ready to groove to The Underpants Dance and take an unforgettable journey with The Thrilling Extra Special Fantastic Roller Coaster Ride Slide of Digestion.

Best for ages 3+

This Tonie teaches kids about:

  • Taking potty breaks
  • Potty Hygiene
  • Science

Songs and Stories: 
1. Introduction to Potty Training 
2. Potty Break 🎵 
3. Jamie & Juniper Part 1 
4. Try Again 🎵 
5. Jamie and Juniper Part 2 
6. The Underpants Dance 🎵 
7. Potty All Over the World 🎵 
8. Wiping 
9. Washing Hands 
10. Quiz: When Should You Go Potty? 
11. Don’t Throw Everything in the Potty 🎵 
12. Why We Go Potty aka The Thrilling Extra Special Fantastic Roller Coaster Ride Slide of Digestion 
13. Underpants are Awesome 
14. The Underpants Dance Reprise 🎵 
15. Outro

Total Run Time: 47 minutes

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