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Tonies - Smokey Bear

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In the spring of 1950, in the Capitan Mountains of New Mexico, a young bear cub found himself caught in a burning forest. He took refuge in a tree, and while managing to stay alive was left badly burned. The firefighters who retrieved him were so moved by his bravery, they named him Smokey. For over 70 years, Smokey Bear has been a symbol of wildfire prevention. Since the forest is the only home we have, we have to do our best to protect it. Remember only YOU can prevent wildfires!

Best for ages 5+

This Tonie teaches kids about:

  • Smokey’s Five Rules of Wildfire Prevention
  • The Story of Smokey Bear
  • Forest facts

Songs and Stories:

1. Meet Smokey

2. A Day in the Forest with Smokey Bear

3. Smokey’s Five Rules of Wildfire Prevention

4. Wildfire Detective with Smokey: Case File #1

5. The Story of Smokey Bear

6. Fun Facts About Smokey Bear’s Family

7. Wildfire Detective with Smokey: Part Two

8. Meet Cindy and Sam

9. Forest Treasures

10. Leave No Trace

11. Wildfire Detective with Smokey: Part Three

12. Smokey Bear Song 🎵

13. Take the Pledge

14. Only You Can Prevent Wildfires

Total Run Time: 40 minutes

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